Cyberwarfare: Two 3-Star Generals call it “treason” and explain The Kraken is a Military Intelligence Unit

Cyberwarfare: Two 3-Star Generals call it “treason” and explain The Kraken is a Military Intelligence Unit. By Joanne Nova.

Both Michael Flynn and Thomas McInerney spoke on WVW with Brannon Howse. They make remarkable claims. These are both three star Lieutenant Generals, effectively endorsing each other and Trump. They suggest CIA involvement, foreign interference, and talking of crack US soldiers seizing servers in Germany that were controlled by the CIA.

The implications are that there are sections of US intelligence on opposite sides of the battle. This might explain why, at one point, Sidney Powell said she wasn’t sure if the good guys or the bad guys had the servers in Germany. (The good guys apparently got the servers in the end, but possibly at the highest price, and we wait to find out what, if anything, was on them.)

Not many in the US would know more about intelligence operations than Michael Flynn — the 18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under Obama and the National Security Adviser under Trump. …

In this strange election twilight zone, there is no easy way to verify much. In a normal world (the one we thought we lived in six weeks ago) we’d expect the media to put this sort of thing on the front page. In a normal world, if the BBC didn’t mention it, perhaps it didn’t happen. But the normal world hasn’t been normal for years. Gradually more things became Undiscussed — like cold snaps and scientists hiding declines. …

The full interview is rather long. Here is an excerpt:

Apparently the “kraken” that Sidney Powell is referring to is the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, who have been helping the President. They are the good guys, and the CIA are the bad guys.

The claims about the German servers were at 26 minutes. McInerney takes over from Flynn at 32 minutes. The Kraken claim is at about the 42 minute mark. Mary Fanning finishes. … According to Fanning, McInerney and Flynn, the US Special Forces seized servers in Frankfurt Germany that were allegedly controlled by the CIA. If so, this would be Military Government forces against Civilian Government forces. A dire situation especially given that McInerney mentions that he has also heard there may have been fatalities during the seizure. He stresses that this is unverified.

No wonder the swamp media is rushing to crown Biden as President and will not discuss or investigate the problems. Quick, before the real story emerges.