Computer Repairman Who Threatened Biden’s Electoral Prospects Goes Into Hiding

Computer Repairman Who Threatened Biden’s Electoral Prospects Goes Into Hiding, by Jim Treacher.

Just weeks before the election, the owner of a computer repair shop near Joe Biden’s home claimed to have a laptop full of incriminating evidence that Hunter Biden had abandoned 18 months ago. The New York Post broke the story, which set off such a panic that Twitter suspended the centuries-old newspaper and blocked all links to the story. …

Tyler Van Dyke:

The computer repair store at the center of a scandal involving a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden that contained “smoking-gun” emails about the Biden family’s foreign dealings has closed.

A neighbor said the owner skipped town, according to the Delaware News Journal. The outlet also reported that 10 days after the election, a sign appeared on the store’s door to say that the shop had closed…

An attorney for John Paul Mac Isaac, who owned the Delaware repair shop, said that Mac Isaac closed the shop because he had received death threats. The attorney, Brian Della Rocca, did not say where his client has gone or if he left town at all.

Jim Treacher again:

The laptop is real, and it’s a threat to Joe Biden. That’s why the media blacked out the story long enough to get him elected, and why they’re pretending it doesn’t matter now. …

So, congratulations to the Biden family. You got what you wanted, and in the process you managed to ruin a small business owner who exposed your corruption. He’s now in hiding, and your voters are cheering on the destruction of his business and his life. If he wanted to run a business in the United States of America, he shouldn’t have caused problems for the Democratic Party.