What Happens After The Election is Called

What Happens After The Election is Called. By Douglas Wilson.

If Trump stays:

Those who demand evidence of voter fraud are using that word evidence in an equivocal way. There is a difference between evidence that massive voter fraud occurred, which I believe is actually undeniable, and evidence that would be sufficient to send Murphy to jail for having perpetrated said voter fraud. … If one of your guests is found dead in the parlor with a knife in his back, the fact is suggestive, and you don’t need to know whodunnit to know that somebody dunnit.

Take a hard look at what absolutely everyone knows. Joe Biden campaigned exactly like a man would do if he knew that he didn’t have to campaign at all. And with that sleepy little putt putt campaign of his, he outperformed Obama at the very top of his messianic rock star game. He surpassed Obama’s 2008 total by about 10 million votangelos … And while it is true I may have been born at night, it wasn’t last night.

So given the extent of the chicanery …, it remains a real possibility that something will be revealed, such that Joe Biden’s electoral vote count will drop below 270. If that happens, then the election could be thrown into the House. If that happens, and if Trump is then elected, then at least half the country will believe that Trump pulled some strings and got the election “reversed.” Now throwing out bogus votes is only reversing the cheating, not reversing the election, but try explaining that to the average antifa rioter who has his eye on a new pair of sneakers.

In short, if Donald Trump remains in office as a result of various court decisions, and a decision by the House, he will then be the president of a country that is absolutely ungovernable. The hard left will demand (and will get) what amounts to virtual secession by multiple blue states.

So say good bye to America that way.

If Trump goes:

But let us suppose, since we are gaming this whole thing out, and we are trying to create an actual second option here, that Sidney Powell’s biblical and apocalyptic kraken turn out to be a wicker basket full of gerbils. Let us say that her evidence is so duddy that three quarters of the conservative die-hards who desperately wanted her evidence to be true true true all shrug their shoulders and give up. They acknowledge that it is game over, and let us suppose that so many people do this that Trump decides to move along.

I say this knowing that we could have a good half ton of accumulated evidence of voter fraud on the fifty-yard line of a football stadium, with that stadium filled to the upper levels with interested spectators, and Sidney Powell could be standing on the forty-yard line with a laser pointer that was industriously playing over the evidence, pointing out highlights, and the kind of media reporting we would get on it is think pieces from The New York Times wondering why Sidney Powell hadn’t been disbarred yet. …

Even if my supposition of massive cheating is incorrect as a matter of fact, it remains true that the whole set-up that looks like cheating is disturbingly probable, and it would continue to look disturbingly probable to tens of millions of people, even budgeting for a Sidney Powell flame out. …

So if Trump attempted to retire gracefully into the sunset (which I regard as unlikely in the extreme), the fact remains that we have the same set up as option #1, only this time the disgruntled group would be the Trump voters, who would have their own ways of making the country ungovernable for Biden. So say good bye to America that way. …

If Trump moves across the street:

It is in the highest degree likely that Trump honestly believes what a reasonable person can honestly believe, which is that there was massive cheating in this election, and that there is massive pressure being put on all the respectable types to overlook the obvious, lest they be deemed numbered among the kooks. But at a bare minimum, Trump believes it, and he will behave like a bear with a sore head.

So let us start with Trump conceding the election with a singular ill grace and moving out of the White House. …

If he leaves office, he will set up a shadow government, and he will offer continuous color commentary on everything Joe Biden says or does, and he will do it from his offices at Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Not only so, but the deranged left is so consumed with hatred for that man that they will be unable to stop themselves from responding to this Trump catnip, and Trump will not be able to stop taunting them.

They will go absolutely bonkers, and do please remember that the Justice Department will soon be crawling with a bunch of commies just out of law school, their heads crammed full of the starry ideals that have slain millions already. And this means that there will be inexorable demands for Trump to be prosecuted for this thing, or that thing, or something, or anything. …

Waiting for the flashpoint:

What I mean to say is that we are well into the cold war phase of this civil war. What got us to this point was our diseased political processes, and looking to politics to deliver us from it is like asking your liver cancer to heal you of your brain cancer. The sickness is the sickness, which means that the sickness is not the cure.

If Trump stays, the flashpoint will occur on the left. If Trump goes away for real, the flashpoint will occur on the right. If Trump goes away just a short distance, stopping there to heckle, and with the lefties doing their level best to prosecute him, the flashpoint will occur on the right, but will be close enough to encompass and include everybody.

There are some conservatives (bless their hearts) who think that we are still living in a classically liberal order with trusted institutions, the kind of institution that can speak into our current turmoil in a grandfatherly voice, and get us all to calm down. But we do not have a choice here between abnormal and normal. There is no normal. We have a choice between a dog’s breakfast and a pig’s breakfast, and there are no trusted institutions anymore.

Here is an honest question for you. Can anyone actually name one public or private institution that still has the trust of the American people across every political and cultural spectrum? The FBI? Ha. The Congress? Are you kidding? The CDC? Snort. The NFL? Chortling commences. The media, Fox News included? Hardy hardy har har. I hate to break it to you guys, but pretty much everyone has disgraced themselves. America is a pack of corrupt sinners, and if you populate all your storied institutions with corrupt sinners, guess what happens?

Something has to give. In normal times, elections relieve such pressure. This time the election just ratcheted the pressure up, and something still has to give.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil