The Two Media Camps and the Leftist Projection

The Two Media Camps and the Leftist Projection.

First, from an article by a well-known economics commentator at Australia’s government media company, Alan Kohler:

But the other American tragedy — the President’s sedition — is likely to be more corrosive and longer-lasting.

That’s right: sedition. It’s defined as conduct designed to incite rebellion against the constitution and established authority, which is precisely what he is doing. …

The worst thing is the fact that one of the parties in this two-party state — the Republican Party — has given up all pretence of acting in the national interest and is openly interested in power for its own sake, and that of its donors. …

There seems to be no limit to what the Republicans will do … they are not only joining the attempted subversion of this election but also the idea of no taxation without representation. …

They are setting a new low bar for right-wing parties around the world, and for future would-be American despots who could well be more competent and smarter than Trump (which wouldn’t be difficult) and are causing immense damage to institutions that could take years to fix.

For example, Trump has decapitated the Defence Department and installed sycophants, presumably with the idea that as things get ugly, he can deploy troops in the street to quell dissent.

If you are in the left’s media echo chamber of political fantasies and curated information, that all seems quite reasonable.

However, we know from long experience in battling the left on climate change that every accusation they hurl at us is projection, a sure clue that they are doing it themselves — and in no way indicative that we are doing it, because a lot of what they say has little to no truth value but is just intended to win the “debate”.

So let’s hear it from someone who isn’t in the mainstream echo chamber, namely currencylad at Catallaxy:

The Democrat Party of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden spent every single day of the past four years refusing to concede the 2016 election.

They illegally paid Russian spies for forged documents alleging an incoming President was a compromised sexual pervert; they illegally lied to the FISA court; they illegally spied on the opposition party’s leader and his staff; they lied to jail war hero General Mike Flynn; they lied about a Supreme Court nominee being a gang rapist. These are not claims. They’re historical facts.

During the northern summer, Democrats went even further: they deliberately stoked a rolling wave of domestic terrorism that has left dozens dead — men, women and children — and billions of dollars of property destroyed. Throughout this treason without precedent — at least since a Democrat celebrity shot Abraham Lincoln in 1865 — Alan Kohler didn’t notice anything was awry. But today he’s filled with rage. …

Without evidence, the business “editor-at-large” of The Australian is saying Donald Trump plans to mobilise troops to kill Americans in coming weeks. This is the deranged rhetoric of an ANTIFA loon.

The truth is more admirable — which is why Kohler preferred the big lie. Trump was elected on a platform of bringing US troops home from failed, lost wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. This policy — the democratically expressed will of Americans — has been stymied by the Endless War lobby that bankrolls so many members of the senatorial class in Washington. This is what real sedition looks like. This is what “right-wing” donor-driven fascism looks like.

Kohler’s more general argument is no less batty. Pursuing his rights at law to ensure every vote counts is the President’s lawful prerogative; to call this sedition is to assert the courts are now illegitimate and their place in governance now suspended.

Well said, currencylad. Consider yourself cancelled.