Sidney Powell: Our filing in Georgia will be BIBLICAL

Sidney Powell: Our filing in Georgia will be BIBLICAL. Latest information from Trump’s lawyers.

From the video:

Her evidence is partly statistical. The standard of proof is only “preponderance of evidence,” not “beyond reasonable doubt.” It looks like 35,000 votes were added to every Democratic candidate, right across the country.

They used the same Dominions/Smartmatic rigging against Bernie Sanders when he lost the primaries to Clinton in 2016. And Bernie knows, but did nothing. We don’t know who bought their election from Dominion. We’re sure it crossed party lines.

The CIA were involved with the creation of the software by Chavez in 2004, and at that stage it was called Hammer and Scorecard.


Awesome story. I wonder if it’s true? It would explain rather a lot.

Hillary was sure she was going to win in 2016, because not only had they rigged the polls, not only were the media and big tech in her corner, but she’d rigged the election! To lose on the night must have been such an unexpected surprise. What a mistake conceding on the night was. In hindsight, she should have stopped the count on election night in 2016 and let the riggers step it up.

No wonder she was sure the Russians or someone must have interfered. She was cheating, but still she lost! She must have been out-cheated! Oh what projection. Did Hillary even win the popular vote, really?

Not going to make that mistake twice. Hence Hillary’s advice to Biden not to concede in any circumstances. The next Democratic Presidential candidate, Biden in 2020, hardly even bothered to campaign, so confident was he in victory. But on election night, again Trump’s vote exceeded their expectations. Never mind, they knew to stop the count and rig the battleground states more this time. Mission accomplished!

Of course all this rigging would also explain the Democrat predictions that Trump would appear to do well on election night but then lose, and that he would have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House. They knew that he knew, or would find out? Notice how the Democrats carefully predicted this all ahead of time, to prepare us for it.

Hence the wall-to-wall campaign in the media to claim Biden won, that claims of problems are “baseless”, to get Biden as President before any claims could credibly come out, and to stifle every complaint about the election in the media and by big tech. What are they so afraid of?

The story hangs together.

UPDATE:  Joanne Nova:

Welcome to 2020: Living The Odyssey, the year that is like living a movie script….

Powell claims the use of electronic vote rigging probably crosses party lines: “we just don’t know who bought their position”.

This could be quite the seismic flip. Suddenly this is not about Trump versus the Democrats — it’s Trump versus deep corruption and in this narrative many Democrats have had their votes stolen too and it hurt. Bernie Sanders fans cried when he lost preselection to Hillary. The Occupy kind of Democrat was driven by the sense that something is deeply wrong with “the system”. The Party Machine on both sides of politics looks corrupt to the end. This could be the one factor where parts of the Left and the Right can agree on something. The Swamp has to be drained. …

So follow me down this tantalizing path of speculation. If the Democrats used electronic voting to rig things in the Primaries in 2016, how could they not have used it in the 2016 national election? If so, this puts the epic scale of the Hillary loss in perspective. Not only did she have the media and pollsters on her side, but the cheating software too. She didn’t just think she was going to win, she knew she would. Then when she lost, perhaps it made sense to shout The-Russians, The-Russians, and wonder if the Trump team had just rigged things even more than she did.

We can only guess, but Hammer and Scorecard once apparently had a 3% limit on vote switching — presumably to avoid detection. Perhaps in 2016, the 3% rigging just wasn’t enough and the Trump vote took them by surprise. The night ran away from them and Trump was accidentally declared the winner too quickly. Then Hillary and the Dems spent the next four years alleging foreign interference. Remember Hillary’s warning to Joe: Whatever happens don’t concede on the night? 

And of course, it explains why the DNC could put forward two such truly awful candidates in a row. Neither could draw a crowd, but it didn’t really matter. …

The votes are recorded in decimal points. We found that out last week, but let that sink in. How is it that votes in the US should be anything other than whole numbers?

hat-tip Stephen Neil