The Difference Between Totalitarian Tantrums and Righteous Rage

The Difference Between Totalitarian Tantrums and Righteous Rage, by Richard Bledsoe.

We are in the midst of the greatest manipulation attempt in history. President Donald Trump won the election, probably with 75 million plus votes, once all the fraudulent switching and destruction of ballots is taken into account.

The corrupt establishment cabal of the media, globalist corporations, and the deep state are expending all efforts to suppress reality and replace it with their preprogramed fake narrative.

They are all in, because this is for everything: if they can “install” Biden (actually Harris), America will be destroyed, and the long planned Great Reset can proceed. This is more than criminal. This is war, and we need to recognize it as such. …

Since [2018], progressive virtue signaling has mutated from merely annoying to violently destructive. Supporters of the current coup are convinced going along with elitist-invented moral panics is a status symbol. This is at least the fourth effort to eliminate Trump by my reckoning; the previous installments were 2016 voter fraud, the Russia hoax, and the shampeachment, all sustained by media agitprop.

I expect this effort will do as well as the others did. It will fail.

When I see leftist gloating across all media platforms, corporate and social, I see how wrong they’ve got it. They are trumpeting how beaten, depressed, and incoherent Trump supporters must be now. In this, they are simply doing what the left is famous for: projecting. They are describing how they would react in similar circumstances, and assuming we feel the same.

I am not beaten, depressed, and incoherent. On the contrary, I feel a quickening. Because I see what the stakes are, and how we got here, I’m in a heightened sense of awareness and determination. I am angry, because I see the effort by the forces of evil to steal the entire world. But this is not “share your juvenile breakdown on Twitter for likes” impotent rage. It’s more like, “The time has come. I will do what needs to be done.” …

I am willing to let our American rule of law processes bring justice. This is the final test to see if corruption has undermined all those we trusted to follow their oaths. I’m not emotionally invested in every fluctuation of the uncertain course we must now navigate. I am patient, but I’m also preparing, in case all the elaborately cultivated dysfunction has gone too far to be redeemed. Even then, it will not be over, though what the next steps are, I can’t say yet.

The attempt to create hopelessness, which will lead to weakness, is the key to the whole establishment operation. This election will only be stolen if we allow it to be stolen. Our future will be what we make of it, right here, right now.

I remain optimistic based on some pretty powerful evidence. President Trump is a masterful strategist. This is proven by all the times he beat the elites at their own games, defeating all their plans and predictions. Trump knew the Swamp would go to insane lengths to prevent his reelection. He has been telling us constantly for months there would be yuge ballot fraud. Are we supposed to believe he did nothing to prepare, that he would be a passive bystander at this most crucial inflection point?