The battle for the Republic: “This is the 1775 of our generation”

The battle for the Republic: “This is the 1775 of our generation”. By Joanne Nova.

See the big press conference by Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis here.

There is an open battle between the media and the Trump team … — the gloves are off:

To paraphrase the last hostile twenty minutes.

1:10: Rudy: I can prove to you 18 different ways. … Our role here is to go around the iron curtain, it’s to get the message out to the people. It’s to do your (the media’s) job, because you won’t do it.

On the FBI: They (Hillary and co) made up the Russian Collusion plot. They (the FBI) withheld that for four years. What do we have to do to get the FBI to wake up? Maybe we need a whole new agency to protect us?

1:16  Sidney Powell: We have no idea how many Democrat or Republicans have paid to have the system rigged to work for them. This is a massive, well coordinated effort to deprive the people of their most basic right. It is the 1775 of our generation and beyond.

Sidney Powell: It’s true [the computer servers were seized in Germany], but we don’t know if the good guys or the bad guys got it.

1:30 Rudy Giuliani is asked about the multiple cases being dismissed. Rudy replies that they only have three lawsuits, and the lawsuits that have been dropped have been put in by private entities. The only case they have dismissed is the one in Michigan because they got the outcome they wanted.

The only lawyers that have left have left because they and their family have been threatened, their children have been threatened. We have a little difficulty getting lawyers because they are being threatened with being killed. Because of the ridiculous way you’ve covered this.

Rudy: We’re not dragging it out. Al Gore had a lot more time than we did. Our witnesses don’t want to be exposed to the tender mercies of a vicious press. I have great difficulty getting witnesses to speak publicly. They don’t trust you (the media), they don’t like you, and they think you put their lives in jeopardy.

That comes about because of the hysterical way you have covered this (he says talking to the media).

Rudy G: “The censorship by Big Tech and our media is almost as dangerous — maybe just as dangerous as the election fraud we are revealing. We’re headed for a very bad place. “

“It is not appropriate that a Venezuelan company counted our votes”

It’s totally two worlds out there. The mainstream reports just blow off the whole press conference, reporting mostly that Giuliani sweated and his hair dye ran down his cheeks (it was dramatic at one stage, before he wiped it off). Those reports belittle Trump’s lawyers, talk about silly minutiae, and never take seriously the content of what was presented. No one reading their coverage would have any inkling of the gravity of what is going on.

It’s just like climate change. I’ve been in press conferences exactly like that, trying to explain something serious, and being blown off and misreported by a hostile press. Interesting that that treatment now extends all the way up to the lawyers for the President of the US.

Unlike climate change (where there are no witnesses), the witnesses of election fraud are afraid to come forward publicly for fear of lefty violence egged on by the media. It’s like the mob.