Was the US Election Stolen?

Was the US Election Stolen? By Soeren Kern. A longish article that neatly packages much of the information indicating fraud.

Reports are pouring in of massive corruption and fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential elections. The allegations run the gamut from ballot harvesting to rigged software, from duplicate voting to voting by deceased people, from outdated voter rolls to failing to match signatures, and from voter intimidation to altering the vote count. Whistleblowers in several states have signed affidavits that allege criminal activity during the voting process. …

Rudy Giuliani, in an interview with Bartiromo:

“This Dominion company is a radical left company, one of the people there is a big supporter of Antifa and has written horrible things about the president for the last three or four years. The software that they use is done by a company called Smartmatic. It’s a company that was founded by Hugo Chávez, and by his two allies who still own it. It’s been used to cheat in elections in South America. It was banned by the United States about a decade ago. It’s come back now as a subcontractor to other companies to sort of hide in the weeds, but Dominion sends everything to Smartmatic. Can you believe it, our votes are sent overseas? They are sent someplace else, to some other country. Why do they leave our country?

“This company has tried and true methods for fixing elections by calling a halt to the voting when you’re running too far behind. …

The chairman of Smartmatic is a close business associate of George Soros. I have to tell you more?

Whistleblower Melissa Carone, an IT contractor for Dominion Software, in a sworn affidavit dated November 8:

“At approximately midnight I was called over to assist one of the counters with a paper jam and noticed his PC had a number of over 400 ballots scanned, which means one batch was counted over 8 times. This happened countless times while I was at the TCF Center. I confronted my manager, Nick Ikonomakis [former VP of Development at Dominion] saying how big of a problem this was, Nick told me he didn’t want to hear that we have a big problem. He told me we are here to do assist with IT work, not to run their election.

“The adjudication process, from my understanding there’s supposed to be a Republican and a Democrat judging these ballots. I overheard numerous workers talking during shift change in which over 20 machines had two Democrats judging the ballots-resulting in an unfair process….

“When a worker had a ballot that they either could not read, or it had something spilled on it, they would go to a table that had blank ballots on it and fill it out. They were supposed to be filling them out exactly like the one they had received but this was not the case at all. The workers would also sign the name of the person that the ballot belonged to-which is clearly illegal….

“I was the only Republican working for Dominion Voting, and on the stage there was many terrible comments being made by the city workers and Dominion workers about Republicans. I did not give out any indication that I was a Republican, I have a family at home and knew I was going to have to walk to my car at the end of my shift. If anyone had an American flag on their shirt or mask, they were automatically deemed to be Trump supporters.

“I called the FBI and made a report with them, I was told that I will be getting a call back.”

Free and fair elections? No one is going to believe that.