Major developments in key states: Sidney Powell

Major developments in key states: Sidney Powell. On Newsmax.

More insights into election irregularities, potential illegal actions and more.

Hugo Chavez had this software created in Venezuela, after which he won every election. It was then exported to Argentina and other countries in South America, and then to the US. Dominion is a foreign company, so it’s illegal foreign interference by any measure.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez

The votes were eventually counted in Barcelona Spain and Frankfurt Germany. This is worldwide election corruption, with assistance (direction?) from the CIA. The founder of Dominion once publicly boasted he could change a million votes, no trouble at all.

If Biden and his team knew about Dominion vote-rigging, it would explain why they didn’t bother campaigning much.

The “will of the people” is so last century. Just bias the polls then rig the election software, so easy.

Whistleblowers are scared for their lives.

What a scandal that the riggers were getting away with it for nearly two decades. They are getting caught now because they overplayed their hand, and tried to defraud the USA.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific