The Conservative Treehouse Blog is kicked off WordPress because of “the content”

The Conservative Treehouse Blog is kicked off WordPress because of “the content”. By the Conservative Treehouse.

One week after the 2020 presidential election, The Conservative Treehouse received the following notification:

…”given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.

What does this mean? It means CTH is being kicked-off the WordPress website hosting platform because the content of our research and discussion does not align with the ideology of those who define what is acceptable speech and what is not.

What was our violation? After ten years of brutally honest discussion, opinion, deep research and crowdsourcing work — with undeniable citations on the events we outline — there is no cited violation of any term of service because CTH has never violated one.

The WordPress company is not explaining the reason for deplatforming because there is no justifiable reason for it. At the same time, they are bold in their position. Perhaps this is the most alarming part; and everyone should pay attention. They don’t care.

Truthful assembly is now the risk. CTH is now too big; with a site reach of 500,000 to a million unique readers each day; and with well over 200,000 subscribers; our assembly is too large, too influential, and presents a risk

Ten years of work assembling a library of factual citations and explanations of those discoveries, positions CTH to be a leading force in the rebel alliance push-back. [Heck, that’s why this place was started… that was our purpose: “The Truth Has No Agenda.”] However, that also makes us a target; hence the deplatforming. …

The ‘content’ is not compatible with WordPress, the world’s largest website and blog hosting service.  The content within the largest blog on that global platform is what has become troublesome.

Joanne Nova:

If the Hunter Biden scandal can be cleansed from the media — if the US election can be brazenly stolen by stopping vote counting at 2am and starting it at 4am with huge dumps of Biden votes, by kicking out Republican observers, and backdating postmarks — what can’t be hidden?

All previous “lines in the sand” have been crossed. In the new order what pushback will there be for attacks on free speech?

WordPress is easily the biggest blog-hosting company in the world. Their system is relatively advanced, easy to use, and inexpensive. The Wentworth Report is hosted by WordPress.

WordPress have kicked off blogs for objectionable content before (e.g. Heartiste), but at least there were specific reasons and one could see that the SJWs would have objected. But the Conservative Treehouse? It’s just a big, popular mainstream conservative blog.

If WordPress and other big tech companies purge all the non-PC voices, the Internet will soon be as politically correct as the mainstream media.

The fantasies promoted by the left are increasingly numerous and flimsy, easily shot down by facts. Which makes them hard to protect. Hence the ever-increasing censorship. All socialist revolutions move in this direction, towards ever greater censorship and force to prevent pushback to the unfairness and lies of the socialist rulers.

Eventually truth prevails over the politically correct lies, but it can take a long time. They say that it was the photocopier that brought down the Soviet Union. A blog is much mightier than the photocopier.

The defenders of truth are being silenced by the modern censors. Silence is violence.