Why Trump supporters are here for good

Why Trump supporters are here for good, by Kevin Williamson.

Some of the snoots living in Blue America sneer that the inhabitants of Red America are ignorant, living in a fantasyland. But in many ways, Red America understands Blue America better than Blue America understands Red America. It doesn’t have much choice: The news media, the entertainment business, technology and social media, and the commanding heights of big business live in Blue America and largely share Blue America’s biases, assumptions and points of view. …

Blue America is feeling triumphant at the moment. But vanquishing Donald Trump is not quite the achievement they think it is, because Trump has always been much more a symptom of our Great Divide than a cause of it. That may not be obvious to an intellectual class that knows more about the Uyghurs than it does about Southwestern Oklahoma, but those who are interested in understanding the other America rather than merely sneering at it have a lot of homework to do.

We see the same asymmetry in the two main news sources: the mainstream/left media and the non-left internet.

Engaging with people who only know the mainstream narrative is slow and unrewarding. They are simply ignorant of so much, the mainstream media having carefully omitted it. When confronted with new facts, they have to be slowly walked through them — often with much protest that if they were important their media would have told them! Sadly no.