If Media Didn’t Think Trump Could Win, It Wouldn’t be Targeting his Lawyers

If Media Didn’t Think Trump Could Win, It Wouldn’t be Targeting his Lawyers, by Daniel Greenfield.

When dealing with compulsively dishonest people, it doesn’t pay to spend too much parsing their words. It’s more helpful to study their deeds.

The media keeps claiming that President Trump can’t win, that his legal challenges are futile, hollow, and have absolutely no chance of winning in court. And, it’s also launching a full-scale Jihad against those law firms and lawyers participating in legal challenges against the election results. …

Why go all-out, launching a boycott campaign targeting Jones Day, and doxxing lawyers, if the whole thing is futile? …

The obvious answer is two admissions.

1. President Trump has a case. Enough of one for Democrats, and their media and legal allies to be worried.

2. The Democrats have something to hide.

Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump campaign:

“Leftist mobs descended upon some of the lawyers representing the President’s campaign and they buckled. If the target were anyone but Donald Trump, the media would be screaming about injustice and the fundamental right to legal representation. The President’s team is undeterred and will move forward with rock-solid attorneys to ensure free and fair elections for all Americans.”

John Hinderaker:

The “Lincoln Project” doxxed the two Porter Wright lawyers who signed the Pennsylvania complaint, tweeting their pictures, addresses and telephone numbers, and encouraging leftists to harass them. …

Not many years ago, every terrorist in Guantanamo Bay was represented by one of a group of America’s top law firms. For free. No one batted an eye. Now, the President of the United States is having trouble getting lawyers to represent him in asserting perfectly legitimate claims. Some dictator.

This is the latest instance of the most troubling trend in American culture, leftist bullying. Rare is the company (or, as in this case, the law firm) with the courage to stand up against it. It is a serious threat to the liberty of all Americans.

Joanne Nova:

Bullying works. Time to fight back: Humans are a gregarious species. Never underestimate how powerful bullying and social ostracism can be — even on adults — especially on smart and wealthy adults near the top of the pecking order. Indeed, the pecking order position is the problem. Those with something to lose, who are trained in universities in everything but how to stand up for themselves, fold faster than the truck drivers and steel workers Donald Trump represents. Those who don’t care about the pecking order, because they are far from the top, also don’t care if uppity legal circles ridicule them. But those inside the elite circles of power do.

The Swamp is terrified of Trump’s legal challenges: Trump is so dangerous to the Swamp they are prepared to spend big money to target anyone who helps him. Once upon a time, representing a President would be great for advertising and gaining new clients. The Swamp bluster is trying to reverse that. …

A lot of what is going on now is pure Psy Ops. It’s an information war for the moral high ground. Don’t underestimate how important it is for the people on the Good side to get in this battle, rather than just be a spectator. The moral high ground matters — there are real consequences. If people feel dejected they are less likely to fight back, less likely to donate, and less likely to attend a mass protest. If 70 million Americans wear a MAGA hat every day until the final result was called, it matters.