Trump Law Firm Quits Pennsylvania Case After Pressure From Never-Trumpers and the Left

Trump Law Firm Quits Pennsylvania Case After Pressure From Never-Trumpers and the Left. By Tyler Durden.

A law firm representing the Trump campaign’s efforts to challenge the Pennsylvania election results gave notice late Thursday that they are withdrawing from one of the cases.

While no reason was given for the decision by Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, Bloomberg notes that it was one of two law firms targeted by the Lincoln Project — a group of ‘never-Trump’ Republicans devoted to removing Trump from office. …

A Trump campaign spokesman blamed “cancel culture” for the firm’s exit.

“Leftist mobs descended upon some of the lawyers representing the President’s campaign and they buckled,” said campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh. “If the target were anyone but Donald Trump, the media would be screaming about injustice and the fundamental right to legal representation. The President’s team is undeterred and will move forward with rock-solid attorneys to ensure free and fair elections for all Americans.”

Ed Morrissey:

The New York Times highlighted internal divisions and external pressures on Porter Wright and Jones Day, another storied Ohio legal firm retained by Team Trump, over their participation in election challenges. …

In recent days, two Jones Day lawyers said they had faced heckling from friends and others on social media about working at a firm that is supporting Mr. Trump’s efforts. …”

Jones Day has earned more than $20 million doing business with Trump, his campaigns, and the RNC over the last five years, $4 million in this year alone. …

The true undermining of the rule of law is the hounding of lawyers based on the clients they accept. Trump can always find law firms that will take him on as a client, but if these social-media mobs and examples of law-firm wokery set these kinds of precedents, unpopular defendants, plaintiffs, and respondents will eventually find themselves locked out of the legal system.

The conflict in the US and the rest of the west is increasingly over class, not race or gender or any of the other distractions that the elite loves to throw at us. Increasingly, households earning under $100k per year prefer traditional culture, nationalism, etc, while those earning over $100k per year are mostly on the big government team, with its globalist wokery. Lawyers are mostly on the latter team, as are Never-Trumpers (who just happen to be in the Republican Party).

The woke team increasingly believes that the ends justify the means. They behave as if their bad behavior will not come back to bite them. (Perhaps they think God is dead and that the law of karma doesn’t apply to them?) So they increasingly withdraw services from those they disagree with, freely discriminating on the basis of politics. Big tech has been leading the way in this regard, but Christian bakers are not allowed to follow suit. Are legal services soon only going to be available to those on the woke team?