President Trump exposed the rot and corruption of our ruling class

President Trump exposed the rot and corruption of our ruling class. By Ben Weingarten.

No matter how the presidential election ends, one of President Donald Trump’s myriad achievements stands above all others: he has exposed the unprecedented degree of rot and corruption that pervades the American system. …

What we learned in the last four years:

We learned that they would do everything in their power to destroy a president who takes them on: delegitimizing his election; baselessly demonizing and slandering him as a Nazi, racist, and bigot; lying perpetually through media conduits to undermine and smear him; … We learned that our courts — up to the highest court in the land — would hold such a president to a different standard than other presidents. …

The ruling class’s hatred of the president, and its efforts to destroy him, were of course a proxy for its desire to destroy what he represents. What he represents is not just the policies it despises, but the people it despises. This includes the 71 million commonsense, patriotic, traditional Americans who voted for him. Some adored the president. Others backed him as the ultimate middle finger pointed at a ruling class that frowned hatefully down upon them while claiming to be virtuous and magnanimous.

Indeed, we learned that much of our ruling class believes those Americans to be deplorable, irredeemable, racist, bigoted, backwards, Russia-supporting traitors and Nazis.

We learned that the ruling class would hound such opponents of its rule in public, pursue their families, friends, and colleagues, and destroy them reputationally, financially, and legally.

On elections:

That the media took it upon itself to coronate Joe Biden as the winner well before the counting was done, the recounts and audits undertaken, and the litigation adjudicated gave the further appearance that the fix was in. That certain world leaders — surely rooting for a return of “America Last” globalism — called to congratulate the former vice president, and that he stood up his transition so quickly, only further suggested a hasty effort to ram this election through.

Anything that might arise subsequently to challenge the narrative will now be dismissed as an attempt to “undermine our democracy [never a republic],” “suppress the vote [by tossing illegal ones],” and “steal the election [obtain a legal, certifiable, official final tally].”

If you express a desire to count legitimate votes, discard illegitimate ones, and get an accounting as to the how, why, and extent of any illegitimacy — to ensure your vote is not diluted and your voting rights are therefore not violated — you will be gulaged on social media and beyond. The fever dreams the ruling class previously telegraphed about dragging the president from the Oval Office will of course intensify the longer the process takes.

Meanwhile, while Joe Biden is calling for “healing” — after an election in which he compared the president for whom 71 million people voted to Goebbels, called the only reporters who scrutinized him Russian traitors, and routinely badmouthed the country as a systemically racist bastion of evil — ruling class Resisters are feverishly drawing up their enemies lists.

This is who they are. This is what they believe.