How very on-brand for Dems to start things off by breaking the law

How very on-brand for Dems to start things off by breaking the law, by OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL.

Yesterday a private citizen by the name of J. Biden lobbied the Australian Prime minister in a phone call. In doing so, said private citizen violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (22 U.S.C. §§611-621).

Some may recall the widespread outrage when the Trump Administration was accused of the same violations of law. Those violations led to the imprisonment of General Michael Flynn. At the time The New York Times told the nation on its editorial page that “this is a blatant example of the pattern of complete lawlessness that has characterized the Trump Administration”.

It is not clear when The Times will publish a similar denunciation of identical actions by Mr. Biden. It was also not clear what was discussed between Mr. Biden and the foreign leader, what assurances or concessions might have been offered, or when a transcript of the call would be made available to the public.

Btw, although Michael Flynn did not serve a day in jail, they simply destroyed his reputation, life, and career in court. Flynn complained that his life savings had been used in lawyer fees to protect his innocence.

hat-tip Mark