Election Rigging in the USA: Where This is Going

Election Rigging in the USA: Where This is Going. By David Evans. A speculative, unproven theory.

Software for rigging foreign elections was developed by CIA after 2004. This software could be used wherever there were voting machines, electronic vote counting, or electronic transmission and tabulation of vote totals. The software would include Hammer and Codebook.

This software could not be used in the US, because the CIA cannot operate legally inside the USA. But in the first term of the Obama administration, the software was sold by the CIA to some deep state operatives. Now privatized, the software could be used in the US for the first time. It was now owned by people sympathetic to big government and to Obama, by people who were experienced in rigging elections around the world.

It was first used in 2012. By the usual predictors of presidential election outcomes, such as the state of the economy, Obama might have been expected to lose. The Obama people partly put their unexpectedly large win  down to better data mining, new technology that allowed them to target potential voters much better than the less tech-savvy Republicans. That’s entirely plausible. Obama’s people may indeed have thought they won the election honestly. But perhaps the sympathetic deep staters gave them a tail wind, by influencing the voting electronically on their behalf.

2016 took the Dem election riggers by surprise. They weren’t properly prepared. The votes in the battleground states were essentially all counted on the night, and it was all over that night — Trump won. If a state count stops with 99% of the vote counted, with Trump ahead by 2%, no amount of rigging can then credibly change the result.

In 2020 the riggers were prepared for anything. On election night, in the battleground states where Biden trailed, the counting was stopped early. (Usual practice is to count into the night until a result is reached.) Questions about how many votes were left uncounted when the counting stopped went unanswered. The riggers then moved in by a variety of means, from boxes of fraudulent ballots arriving in the dark early hours of Wednesday morning to new instructions for the counting software. Come business hours on Wednesday, Biden had pulled ahead by just enough in the counts of just enough states to claim victory.

I stress again, the above is just speculation, much of it is unproved. But on reading what is coming out after the 2020 election, this appears to be the story that might emerge. Caveat emptor.

Unless election theft is thwarted, the Democrats could steal every election to the end of time. Just like in a third world or Soviet dictatorship.

In the future, the US must insist on voting only by handwriting on paper ballots (preferably in a polling place under supervision, after an ID check). Paper ballots prevent electronic cheating, and allow recounts. Obviously it is going to be the Republicans who insist on this, and the Democrats are going to make up weasely excuses not to do it. But radical transparency is required for future US elections, to be credible. The Republicans may even have threaten to not participate in future elections, unless they can be seen to be fair.

Make election fraud illegal again!