Critics of Donald Trump’s litigation have short memories

Critics of Donald Trump’s litigation have short memories, by The Mocker.

I was amused by claims that Trump’s resorting to litigation to delegitimise the election amounted to the “death” of democracy.

[In the above (go to the link), I was] paraphrasing and quoting … an article that appeared in the prestigious political affairs journal The Atlantic in November 2016, just two weeks after Trump’s electoral defeat of Democrats candidate Hillary Clinton. Written by City University of New York journalism professor and former editor of The New Republic, Peter Beinart, it called for electors not to vote for Trump, despite this course of action being unlawful in 32 states. Now that would have been a coup. That was just one example.

New York Times, December 5: “Electors of conscience can still do the right thing for the good of the country. Presidential electors have the legal right and a constitutional duty to vote their conscience”.

Time Magazine December 12: “That will be ugly … If this is the right outcome, then our electors must fearlessly and courageously do right by our nation … If they fulfil that responsibility, they will not be ‘faithless’ electors, but faithful ones. Our nation will be proud of their courage, their sense of responsibility, and their integrity, and they will have fulfilled the most fundamental vision of our Founders.”

Then there was the troupe of actors led by Martin Sheen, who in December 2016 launched the ‘Unite for America’ campaign, claiming that any elector who voted according to conscience would go “down in the books as an American hero”. Some of the B-grade actors featured in this nauseating video said these electors, if they acted so, would have their “respect”.

Watch this from 2016 and apply it to 2020, knowing that we recently found out that Joe Biden is corrupt and sold influence (proof: Hunter Biden’s computer), and that Biden claimed to have won the Presidential election after what appears to be massive fraud: