March for Trump, other MAGA rallies that Twitter don’t want you to know about

March for Trump, other MAGA rallies that Twitter don’t want you to know about, by Joanne Nova.

StopTheSteal announced a Massive Pro Trump Rally for this Saturday in Washington DC. Then mentions of it vanished across the Internet. Since Twitter, proud promoter of Democrat riots, is censoring the Massive Pro Trump Rally, I feel compelled to share this and so should you. It’s a free speech thing.

We’re in an Information War. What the collectivists want is for fans of Trump to watch their filtered news, feel demoralized, and surrender to the new order. What they are most afraid of, are 70 million Trump fans getting organised, and turning up in the streets with their red MAGA hats on.

Imagine the effect if the major news outlets were letting people know this was coming?

‘Stop the Steal’ spreads across the internet after infecting Facebook, by Zoe Schiffer at the Verge. Here is the view from the left, lauding the efforts to stomp out speech and facts that don’t help their side.

The Stop the Steal Facebook group, which launched on Wednesday, was filled with … election misinformation about Democrats rigging the vote. It was organized by Republican operatives and had ties to the tea party, according to Mother Jones. The group grew to over 300,000 members in less than 48 hours — only to be banned by Facebook once moderators caught on. Over that short period, the group became a central hub for election misinformation, leaving users to look for new places to organize in the wake of the ban.

Facebook and TikTok have also moved to block hashtags that were used to spread election conspiracy theories on Thursday, like #StoptheSteal. Twitter told The Verge that it was “proactively” monitoring them. Big Tech’s efforts to curb voting misinformation have led users to organize on different platforms. On YouTube, One American News Network (OANN) posted videos declaring that “Trump won” the election, which YouTube limited somewhat but did not block outright.

Organizers have found the most success on Parler, a social network designed for conservatives put off by moderation practices of the major platforms. On Thursday, there were 8,697 posts on Parler with the #StopTheSteal hashtag. Many of these posts also mentioned — without evidence — the silencing of conservatives on Facebook and Twitter. …

The lax moderation standards have proved attractive for conservatives like Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) as well as former congressional candidate and right-wing conspiracist Laura Loomer who was previously banned on Twitter. …

Parler differentiates itself from Facebook and Twitter in its refusal to moderate content the big tech platforms have banned, including hate speech and misinformation. …

On Parler, the person with the handle @StopTheSteal shared unfounded rumors about voter fraud and urged followers to show up at Stop the Steal rallies across the United States. He also set up a Discord where users ranted about censorship on the big tech platforms, which does not actually exist, and promoted “stop the count” protests in Los Angeles and Norwalk, California.

After lauding and justifying specific acts of censorship, the leftie author then claimed censorship “does not actually exist.” Delusional. These people are under an evil spell, surely.