Bannon and Gorka: We have a path to Victory here

Bannon and Gorka: We have a path to Victory here, by Joanne Nova.

We have no President Elect until the Electoral College chooses a President.

The Secretaries of each State have to certify the votes. If you can’t certify the votes, you can’t have electoral representatives. They need to be in place by December 6.

If no candidate gets 270 votes by December 8, the constitution has a solution. It goes to the House of Representatives for a “Contingent election“. But this is not a vote that Congressmen do. Instead, States send delegates to the House, and the House votes and decides the President.

One state one vote:

The Dems are losing the House vote.  26 Republican States and 22 Democrat States.

So Trump wins. Listen to this (especially from 24:13):


Bannon: If Biden wanted to heal the nation he would endorse these legal campaigns to investigate voter fraud.

Gorka: When people ask, “What can I do”?

Bannon: Get the red hat on and get out of the house and Protest

Gorka: What do we do if bad votes have been mixed with good votes?

Bannon: If they can’t be verified, they’ve got to go. All of them. We don’t need a do-over. We had an election. It was November 3. Donald Trump won.

Bannon on Lindsay Graham and others talking about fixing things for future elections: “Don’t have hearings for future elections. We’re going to sort it out now. Anyone who says it’s “for the future” is just trying to get you to surrender.”