If he loses, Trump will concede gracefully

If he loses, Trump will concede gracefully, by Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff (2018-20).

I’ve been asked the same question at least a hundred times in the past week: If the President loses, will he participate in a peaceful transition of power?

The question probably says as much about those asking it as the answer does about US President Donald Trump. Most of the inquirers are the same people who still don’t understand why nearly half the country voted for Mr Trump. They still wonder if he somehow cheated his way into office. They still think he should’ve been impeached, believe the polls, and consider the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN reliable sources.

But, I am happy to answer: Yes. …

The President will fight like a gladiator until the election is conclusively determined, and Joe Biden would do the same — not only because it’s their nature, but also because there is so much at stake. More than 150 million Americans registered their preference for the outcome of the election, and all of them are counting on “their” man to do everything he legally can to prevail. Neither candidate is going to throw his hands up before the process is complete and say “Oh, well, I tried.”

Nor should they. Voters need this election to be fully litigated. Whoever occupies the presidency cannot have rumours floating around for the next four years about dead people voting or ballot dumps in the middle of the night. The US needs to know that the winner is actually the winner.