Unite behind Joe Biden? You must be joking

Unite behind Joe Biden? You must be joking. By Paul Mirengoff.

Biden’s election will be welcomed only by those who voted for him. And even among this group, it will not universally be celebrated.

For the rest of the nation, and certainly for anyone who is right of center, the idea of uniting behind Joe Biden is laughable. Why, after the way President Trump was treated, should any of his supporters consider uniting behind Biden? Indeed, quite apart from the treatment of Trump, how can we be expected to unite around a nasty, corrupt, and dishonest president who might not even have won the votes necessary to make it to the White House under fair voting procedures and honest counting?

The real question for conservatives is the extent to which we should “resist” a Biden presidency. Specifically, I think the question is whether we should resist it with the same intensity and tactics (minus the lying) that Democrats used to resist Trump.

At the moment, the Trumpian right is in shock and disbelief. They won, but then had the election snatched away by fraud. Their cheating opponents are declaring victory, and have the media power to make it stick. Recriminations, persecuting Trump supporters, and tribal revenge is about to begin. What to do?

This is like after a coup, not after an election.

Part of the identity of Americans is that they live in the world’s foremost democracy, and they have free and fair elections. They are rightfully proud of that. Now they find out they don’t have free and fair elections. Part of the identity they hold dear has just being taken away. No wonder they are in shock.