Shock and Dismay From the Right in the US

Shock and Dismay From the Right in the US, by Scott of the Pacific in California.

Biden and Harris just announced they would re-enter the Paris Climate Accord, remove the “Muslim Ban”, make all the “Dreamers” immediately eligible for citizenship (more voters for the left!), and more.

It was too cringy to listen to.

People here haven’t given up yet. We are all hoping this Dominion Software/Hammer/Scorecard fiasco is for real. If so, Trump could be triumphant. Don Jr. and Steve Bannon seem quite confident.

We are frankly, for the moment, in shock.

The “kids” here believe that Fox News is far right wing, that Biden’s dementia is a Fox News creation, and that Biden’s Chinese/Ukrainian corruption is more of the same. That’s how bizarre it is here.

Their two minutes of hate has begun. They are literally making enemies lists, and discussing how they’ll take revenge on Trump supporters. Some want the guillotine. Red Lives not only don’t matter, but should be extinguished. The Senators on the left are actually talking out loud about Truth and Reconciliation sessions. You can’t make this stuff up.

Fox News used the election as their coming out party to go left (or maybe they sense they need to, in order to survive). They just suspended the Judge Janine and Jesse Waters shows.

Good Night America. Every man, woman and child for yourself.

I told you years ago a POTUS Harris was the scariest thing I could think of. Well, she’s just around the corner, with Soros and Obama whispering in her ear.

Right now, to me, it looks like they won and we lost. There is some hope as Trump doubled his African American, Hispanic, and Jewish support (you know, the “racist”).

The outpouring of support for Trump here was like nothing I’ve ever seen. No one showed up for Joe, they hid him in the basement. He never was asked anything about anything except his favorite ice cream flavor. President-in-waiting Harris was even more in a bunker.

God help the world, let alone the USA. The globalists have won, and the corporatists now own the USA.

We came close to saving the world or at least staving off the danger, but it appears unless Trump pulls the greatest feat in modern times, we’re in trouble plenty.