Lawsuits will be filed Monday

Lawsuits will be filed Monday, by Rudi Guiliani.

50 – 60 pollwatchers will testify that they were uniformly deprived of their right to view the mail in ballots.

There was no inspection of any mail in ballots. None.

No Republican got a chance to look at that ballot. Not a single one…

It’s unheard of, it’s unconstitutional, and we will be bringing an action challenging that.

This is outrageous.

The same fraud was done in Pittsburg involving 300,000 ballots that were not observed by a Republican. And also in Georgia, North Carolina.

The news media we’ve seen is going out of its way to stress that Trump has “no evidence” of fraud and letting you know in no uncertain terms that they think he has no grounds for complaining about the election “result.” They stress that “many” RINOs are urging Trump to give up and accept the “result”.

If they spent as much time looking for evidence as telling us there is no evidence, perhaps they would trip over some. If only they could afford to get the Internet …