Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During Count

Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During Count, by Kyle Olson.

Two observers who were at the TCF Center in Detroit during the absentee ballot counting process have produced affidavits claiming they witnessed workers create new voter files with information obtained from ballots. …

Bob Cushman, who was an appointed and trained Republican poll challenge …

“Every ballot was being fraudulently and manually entered into the Electronic Poll Book (QVF), as having been born on January 1, 1900. This ‘last’ batch of ballots was processed in the 8 PM to 10 PM time frame,” Cushman wrote.

“When I asked about this impossibility of each ballot having the same birthday occurring in 1900, I was told that was the instruction that came down from the Wayne County Clerk’s office.” …

Lori Levin, a non-partisan challenger, witnessed similar behavior by workers. According to her affidavit:

“The person opening ballots was in the middle of this table and when she would scan the ballot it would not come up in the electronic poll book. I then insisted they had to be in the paper pollbook and I needed to verify. She would hover entirely over the paper pollbook with her body and sometimes check a name and other times not check a name but refused to let me see this. They would then manually enter the name and often a birthdate of 01/01/1900.”

Levi told The Kyle Olson Show that she was one of the credentialed observers who was shut out of the TCF Center and blocked from watching through the windows because workers used pizza boxes and other cardboard to cover them. …

Levi said when she or another challenger would “step in” to look at the screen, the worker would yell for her to “get back six feet,” a requirement that a judge had overturned.

“If it didn’t come up on the screen, then we were supposed to be able to verify in the poll book,” which contains last-minute registrations.

Levi said workers would not let her close enough to see whether the voter’s name was there, either.

As her affidavit indicated, workers would scan ballots that would not come up in the system, “And I can tell by the way the lady’s hovering over the book and fumbling and she’d kind of look over at her other worker and kind of shake her head knowing that they know that it’s not in the book.”

The public is expected to believe this election was free and fair?