Bum’s Rush for Trump Is Biden’s First Mistake

Bum’s Rush for Trump Is Biden’s First Mistake, by the Editorial Board of the New York Sun.

Mr Biden accepted the media’s call that he was President-elect.

The better way for Mr. Biden to have handled this situation, however awkward, would have been to thank the networks for their support and for calling the election for him — but then to remind them, and the American people, that the result has yet to be certified. And to say that out of respect for both the president and the presidency, he’d prefer to wait until the electoral college and the courts have disposed of any challenges.

That would have been the sort of unifying gesture that we would have expected from a man confident of his victory. And of a leader genuinely committed, as Mr. Biden claims he is, to healing the country. It’s an enormous thing that Mr. Biden has won the largest popular vote in history. Why try, then, to preempt the electoral due process for, in President Trump, the winner of the second largest popular vote in our history? …

It was Secretary Clinton’s politically fatal blunder to have failed to recognize that if one maligns an adversary one maligns his followers. … The Democrats and the party press spent the last four years trying to destroy a presidency. They’re not going to heal those wounds by giving Mr. Trump the bum’s rush before the official count is certified.

By quickly accepting the presidency while his party brushes aside claims of fraud and blocks transparency in the counting, Biden acts as someone unsure that his “victory” would stand up to scrutiny.

Possession is nine tenths of the law, and he took possession prematurely.

As for the media, if they truly decided who was President then we would have had President Gore in 2001.