Thoughts On Where We Stand Now

Thoughts On Where We Stand Now, by John Hinderaker.

My guess is that in a perfect world, where only legal voters vote, and everyone votes only once, President Trump won the election.

The problem is that, while there is ample evidence of many instances of voter fraud as well as innocent mistakes, there is no time to investigate them thoroughly and “prove” — as the press keeps demanding — that fraud or error swayed the election in a particular state. This is an inherent problem that can be solved only by better electoral procedures, which the Democrats will fight to the bitter end.

Investigative journalism no longer exists, so the press outlets demanding that President Trump prove the prevalence of voter fraud will themselves do absolutely nothing to investigate whether the election was honestly decided.

Trump is right to play his hand to the end. Lawsuits are pending in several states, and it may or may not prove possible to overturn the result in any state. In all likelihood, it won’t. But the Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to get away, unchallenged, with what in some cases was blatant fraud and abuse of the election process. It is outrageous, to cite just one example, that in some jurisdictions, Republican election judges and ballot counters were physically barred from the premises by Democrats. Trump will do a signal service if he shines a light on such abuses. …

Other than the presidential race, the election went well for Republicans, contrary to most predictions. The GOP gained quite a few seats in the House, the exact number still undetermined. But it is clear that Nancy Pelosi will begin 2021 with one of the smallest House majorities in a long time. At the State level, Republicans did well. The Democrats failed to flip a single state legislative chamber, and Republicans will be in charge of redistricting in most states, including most swing states. Which could be one of the most important long-term consequences of this year’s election.

Which leaves the Senate. Control will depend on the outcome of two runoff races in Georgia. If Democrats win both, the Senate will be tied 50-50, with Kamala Harris wielding the deciding vote. But I am confident that won’t happen. [What if they cheat?] …

The “progressives” … are in despair over their failure to do better, and as usual they blame their party’s saner wing. (The Democrats are so far gone that their sane wing consists of those who recognize that socialism, rioting, looting and arson, if not necessarily wrong, are politically inconvenient.) The Democratic Party will be in a state of civil war for the next two years, with its bitterly opposed factions vying for influence in an administration ostensibly run by a man who has little idea what is going on.

Just as the Dems oppose and block voter ID requirements because it helps them cheat, the Dems will oppose other reforms that impinge on their cheating. So, cheating and authoritarian swamp governments will reign forever, and demographic replacement in the US is inevitable.