Democrats and Media Collude to Steal Presidential Election

Democrats and Media Collude to Steal Presidential Election, by Michael Walsh.

With the corrupt and partisan media edging toward declaring Joe Biden the presumptive president-elect — you can practically hear the salivation — the Democrats’ long march through the institutions of the American electoral system is nearly complete. Scripted as carefully but as predictably as a run-of-the-mill Hollywood thriller, the Democrats played every card and sprung every trap on their way to achieve a media, if not genuine, victory over their hated enemy.

After their surprise 2016 loss, the Democrat/Media complex relearned the importance of the Electoral College, a zero-sum game in which all the winner has to do is get to 270 votes. Despite all their complaints about how Hillary Clinton “won” the popular vote — which doesn’t matter a whit — this year they went back to the maps and realized the key to victory lay exactly where it had lain for Trump: in Pennsylvania and the upper Midwest.

And so, via their control of the big-city machines in cities with large minority populations (Detroit, Milwaukee, and above all Philadelphia), that’s where they concentrated their efforts to steal this election.

Under the guise of “fairness” and “inclusivity,” the Democrats pushed the boundaries of election law, making it easier to register (motor voters), easier to vote “early,” easier to avoid the lines on Election Day (mail-in), and easier to be able to vote after the polls closed via late-arriving mail ballots, even those (as in Pennsylvania) without postmarks and with other irregularities.

Every one of these “reforms” was an opportunity — and invitation — to fraud. And once the chimera of COVID-19 struck, and the state governors, most of them Democrats, discovered how easily constitutional protections (freedom of speech, assembly, religious practice) could be dispensed with nary a demurral, the way was clear to use the CCP virus as the all-purpose excuse for the demolition of protective election laws.

It was no surprise, therefore, to have seen Trump commanding solid leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia on Tuesday night, only to wake up Wednesday morning to learn that hundreds of thousands of Biden votes had mysteriously materialized overnight. Nor, by the end of the week, to read media stories about how the somnolent non-entity from Delaware was “closing the gap” on Trump, like a race horse coming on at the end to nip the front-runner at the wire.

The mechanism was simple: flood the electorate with unsolicited ballots due to the “pandemic,” establish collection points from which they could be scooped up and monitored, sit back to watch the honest electorate stand socially distanced at the polls in the mistaken belief that Election Day actually meant something anymore, count into the wee hours, suddenly “suspend” the tallies while figuring out exactly how many votes would be needed to erase Trump’s lead over time, and then declare Biden the winner.

And so it has unfolded. By the time all the “votes” will have been “counted,” Trump will have lost not only Michigan and Wisconsin but Pennsylvania and — just to add insult to injury — Georgia, where the hulking shadow of Stacey Abrams will at last be avenged for her narrow loss in the gubernatorial race there two years ago.

But there’s no evidence of voter fraud, cries the Left, ignoring the manifest circumstantial evidence in plain sight: the numerical disparity between the presidential votes and the down-ballot races; the polling place closed to GOP observers; the mysterious shutdowns; the timely appearance of extra Biden votes.

There is also the reprehensible collusion of the media, which refused to call races for Trump all evening, thus always keeping him behind in the EV count, even when he was in fact well ahead. The pollsters did their part as well, consistently gaslighting the public with absurd predictions of a Biden landslide — something that they knew not to be true — in an effort to sway public opinion and discourage GOP turnout.