An election should be a simple affair

An election should be a simple affair. By The Z-Man.

Eligible voters go to the voting place, verify that they are the person they claim, cast their lot and those lots are counted. American elections are first past the post, meaning the most votes win, so it is not as if we have complex apportionment issues to resolve. Despite the simplicity of the task, our elections have now become pointless drama that ropes in the public, like the story of little Timmy falling down the well. It’s exhausting.

America is a joke country now, well past the point of reform, but if one is looking for something that could be reformed, elections are a good start.

A simple change could eliminate most of this drama. Jurisdictions have 12 hours to count their votes or the election is void. The incumbents get another term. In the case of House and Senate seats, the state loses that seat for the term. Right now Pennsylvania would be facing two years with no House members.

Of course, no such rule could be implemented. America is no longer able to patch potholes in roads or keep the schools functioning, so implementing even modest reform is well beyond the capacity of the kleptocrats. That means we are left with the drama that will surely get worse with each election. The only alternative is to tune it out and leave the drama to the drama queens. In fact, the right answer going forward is to just stop voting entirely. The votes don’t count anyway.