World’s Media Ignoring Fraud Evidence and Suppressing Trump’s Complaints

World’s Media Ignoring Fraud Evidence and Suppressing Trump’s Complaints. By David Evans.

America’s PC flagship newspaper, the New York Times: Biden Urges Patience; Trump Lies About Count.

Trump lies in the White House briefing room, and the networks pull the plug.

Australia’s PC flagship newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald: “All eyes on Pennsylvania, Georgia neck and neck as Biden responds to Trump’s false ‘fraud’ claims”. They published “Biden responds to Trump’s ‘fraud’ claims”, but omitted the evidence for the fraud claim. They quote Biden and Harris. SMH readers will be unaware that there is overwhelming evidence of fraud, and instead are being told (without evidence) that Trump’s claims are “false.”

Britain’s Mail Online (a nonPC paper): “TV networks cut away from Trump as he tests the boundaries of American democracy by questioning the entire election with extraordinary speech that claims conspiracy against him by big tech, big money, the media, pollsters and Democrats”, by Emily Goodin.

At the podium in the briefing room he spoke for 17 minutes, largely reading from a script, listing his grievances at Biden’s campaign, ‘suppression polls’ and ‘fraud.’

He left without taking a question as a White House reporter shouted: ‘Are you a sore loser?’ …

Trump’s tirade against his list of enemies was switched off rapidly by TV network after TV network.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams said as they turned away less than a minute in: ‘Here we go again.’

Republicans turned on him within minutes with Larry Hogan, the Maryland governor, saying: ‘There is no defense. No person or election is more important than our democracy.’ GOP rep Adam Klinzinger called it ‘insane.’

The fix is in. The coup is working. Just accuse Trump and his followers of attacking democracy by spreading misinformation, and censor it all. They are not being transparent or answering legitimate questions — obviously they are not confident they won fairly.

The Biden corruption story before the election was suppressed, now the election fraud story is being suppressed.

What’s the difference between the USA and Russia?