Trump Is Poised To Win The Election. Now He Has To Stop The Steal.

Trump Is Poised To Win The Election. Now He Has To Stop The Steal. By Revolver.

Despite a relentless defamation campaign by the press, censorship by big tech, riots by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the silent majority of Americans turned out to support their president.

Only one thing remains to be done: To stop the left from executing its color revolution and stealing the election in the days to come.

The mess in Pennsylvania shows how this revolution will unfold. The president’s lead there is a staggering 14 percentage points. From the early hours of Tuesday night it was clear the President was dramatically overperforming his polls in the Keystone State, and as votes poured in his lead only grew and grew. But Democrats control Philadelphia and the state government, and they had a plan. Early Tuesday night, they stopped updating vote totals in Philadelphia and announced that they would only resume updates on Wednesday, with counting perhaps taking until Friday.

This is a farce. It does not take four days to count ballots anywhere; it doesn’t even take more than one night. Philadelphia and every other Democratic city could absolutely could have counted every vote in its possession on Tuesday night. The only reason to delay the tally is to muddle the waters and provide Democrats with the necessary time to “find” the votes they need to win. Philadelphia is the exact city to do it in. The city already has a proven record of voter fraud:

But when observers called out the shady behavior right in front of their eyes, Big Tech swooped in to suppress the narrative.

It’s no mystery what is happening here. Remarkably, most Republicans in the past would go along with it. …

This battle will be the fiercest political fight in living memory. Every institution in America is arrayed against the president. Big Tech will try to silence his every word. Democratic state officials will collude with efforts to “find” ballots and count mail-in votes with no postmark or signature. The media will attack the President’s every word while giving Biden endless deference.

Even Fox News did its part on Tuesday night to undermine the president. All night, the network avoided calling states for Trump, even when the race was clearly over in states like Texas and Florida. But with Arizona, the network almost instantly called the race, even though huge amounts of election-day votes were outstanding (and could yet flip the state to Trump). Their eagerness makes complete sense once one learns that Fox’s election guru is avid Democratic donor Arnon Mishkin. Mishkin has given more than $4500 to Democrats over the years, and on Tuesday night could be seen fanatically defending his decision to declare Arizona unwinnable for Trump, even as he dragged out calling states like Texas.

The effort was clear: Even with President Trump leading in the key states, this strategy allowed election night to be treated as a “tie” or narrow Biden win, setting the stage for Biden to win as new votes are found in the coming days.