How the election fraud was pulled off

How the election fraud was pulled off, by David Evans.

We were warned a week ago:

So the Democrats decide this is a must-win election. Despite being in front in the public polls, their in-house polling shows the race is much closer. So how would they ensure Biden won?

Obviously, they would set in place mechanisms to cheat in many close states. Come election night, they would see which states they needed extra votes in, and how many votes they needed. Orders would go out.

Democrat allies in the media on Tuesday night would stifle or delay news of Trump wins, call states for Biden early, and do their best to create the impression of impending Biden victory. Biden would not under any circumstances concede on Tuesday night, but instead say “we are going to win”.

Given they had this in their back pocket, no wonder Biden and Harris could hardly be bothered to campaign.

In the dead of night on Wednesday morning the required votes would be injected into the count in the required states. In the event, it appears to have happened in Michigan and Wisconsin. Vote dump mechanisms in place in other states would not be activated because they were not needed, or perhaps they only injected smaller numbers of votes into the counts.

Then Democrat allies in the media would trumpet the new leads in overnight counting, and create the media bandwagon that Biden was going to win. Biden would be declared the winner when every vote was counted — including the fraudulent ones. Excuses like “typos” or “rogue players” would be made to give cover to the vote dumps. Trump’s warning ahead of the election not to count votes past after election night would be derided and ignored, but Trump saw exactly this scenario coming.

Republican supporters, especially the more prominent ones in the media or on the net, would have to choose between publicly calling fraud or conceding defeat. Not wanting to get called names (which could cause them professional or financial harm), many would choose the later — at first. The left has been cynically using baseless name calling to slow down conservatives for years, and it will buy them time now by seeding doubts. But all it takes is a few days of acquiescence, and then “everyone” agrees Biden won. No further argument would be seriously entertained, it’s done. Democrats pull it off.

Later, tragically, most Republicans work out that they were tricked, but it’s too late.

This scenario seems to be playing out.

PS: If you want to prevent the unhappy ending in this scenario coming true, spread this post around fast. See Uh oh, Coup in Progress.