Election Night Confirmed the Polls Were Lies

Election Night Confirmed the Polls Were Lies, by Adam Mill.

In an era during which more than 90 percent of voters committed to a decision weeks before election day, we were asked to believe Biden was up 47 percent to 42 percent in Florida. He was up six points in North Carolina, 12 points in Michigan, and eight points in Wisconsin. Days ago, the president supposedly was underwater in Ohio by four points. Did people change their minds? No, of course not.

It’s hard to know exactly when the polling process became contaminated. Were these shy voters who refused to talk to pollsters? Trump supporters seemed increasingly less “shy” as thousands thronged to impromptu public parades and rallies.

But we can suspect that the polls consistently erred on the side of a President Biden for the same reason that the legacy media so clearly abuses its readers with misinformation: They’re liars. The polls are lies and the reporting on the polling is lies. …

The polls were never meant to reflect public opinion. They were always about shaping the opinion. And as the day of reckoning approached and the real opinion failed to follow the pollster’s wishful thinking, many tried to pull out of their dives, reporting a “tightening” race.

Balderdash. The opinions have not changed that much in just a few days. …

We spent the last several months in a fog of coordinated propaganda posing as polling. We were told that Americans were about to elect Biden in a Reagan-style “blue wave.” Instead, as Tuesday became Wednesday, the race revealed itself to be what we probably always should have suspected: competitive and well within reach of the president.