Mark Levin explains how the deception is working

Mark Levin explains how the deception is working:

1. I thought about waiting until my radio show to state this, but it must be said now:

All night and this morning, the media are playing with the electoral map and their declarations of who won what states, and in virtually every case it assists the Biden campaign.

2. North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska should all be called now for President Trump.  There was no legitimate reason to call Arizona early for Biden with so much of the vote out.  There was no reason to sit on Florida and Ohio for hours when those outcomes were quite clear.

3. The purpose is to make it appear that the President is not close to the 270 electoral vote number to win the presidency and to make it appear that the President was never going to be re-elected.

4. And you can see all the delays through the night and beyond, waiting for mail-in votes — Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, etc.  This is followed by commentators telling us that there’s nothing unusual about all of this.  Delays in counting votes happens all the time

5. Really, we’ve experienced this before?  In all these states?  Nonsense.  Meanwhile, the Democrats have been litigating in states for months to change existing election laws to help Biden and the Democrats.

6. They set in place the mail-in voting chaos, some states literally a few months ago.

The goal of a democracy is to not have a civil war, but instead to just count how many people are on each side. Part of the recipe is that another election will be held in a few years, and if the other side wins then there will be a peaceful transfer of power. A necessary condition for this to work is that both sides believe the count is true and accurate. If one side believes the counting is illegitimate, then the formula breaks down.

The 2020 election is woke culture versus traditional western civilization. But the two cultures are incompatible, and woke wants to kill western civilization. The woke side is not playing by the rules, because, like the Marxists before them, they do not expect to give up power in the future. Their goal is to take power by convincing the traditionalists that they won — to win by deception. Mark Levine is describing part of that process.