I Want To Call It Out Right Now

I Want To Call It Out Right Now, by Sarah Hoyt.

On one side we have the left, who is running a barely alive candidate, and a woman with all the appeal of week-old fish and no accomplishments she can point to.

Add to this they almost didn’t run a campaign, AND went to the point of not having offices in most cities.

For months now, I’ve been looking at this and going “They have a coup planned. The fix is in.” And everyone told me oh, no, I was seeing things.

Tonight we watched states called for Biden before votes were counted, while states that Trump has a solid lead in, stop counting.

And if you need help seeing what’s before your eyes, the left has for weeks now claimed Trump was going to attempt a coup. How many years have you known they accuse you of what they’re doing? What are you? Stupid?

Look, they are tainted by the previous failed coups, tainted by (most if not all of them) accepting money from Xi, and FYI China ALWAYS arranges for extra compromise for security, honeypots being their favorite, tainted even by association with Epstein. A second Trump term means a good chance that they go down hard and don’t get up again.

ALL OF THEM from the left politicians to the so called “tech lords” are fighting for their lives. They’re cornered rats. There’s nothing they won’t do.

And all we have against them is Trump.

Stop calling Trump names. Put on your big boy or girl pants.

They’re fighting for their lives. And we are too. Because — look at Venezuela — socialism kills.

She may be on to something.

In any case, the numbers have shifted this morning to favor Biden, who is now slight favorite to win.