Betting Odds Shift Dramatically in Trump’s Favor

Betting Odds Shift Dramatically in Trump’s Favor, by Stephanie Bedo. Austalian betting sites, 2:12 PM AEST.

When voting on the east cost closed, Biden had moved from $1.60 to $1.48 with TAB.

And since drifting from $2.35 to $2.65, Trump had almost returned to his highest price with TAB which was $2.70 in mid-October.

But now TAB has Biden at $4.25 and Trump at $1.22.

Sportsbet also had Biden in the lead at $1.40 and Trump behind at $2.85 last night.

Those odds have now narrowed to $1.28 for Trump and $3.75 for Biden.

The media, who have been telling us for months that Biden would win, possibly in a landslide, are proved wrong as the vote are tallied. This matters, because it is through the media that we know who is US President. If the media say Biden won, they squelch contrary information, Biden just acts like the President, and the media treat Biden as though he is President — who is President? Remember, the media just squelched the Hunter Biden corruption story, which is more credible and bigger than Watergate. Hopefully the system will hold up and people will play by the rules.

UPDATE 2:36 PM AEST: We are watching US cable, channel surfing. The right wing pundits — e g Laura Ingraham — are breaking out smiling. Over at the BBC, CNN, and CNBC the mode is slightly somber, vowing to count every vote.

UPDATE 3:25 PM AEST: It’s going to be very close. Several counties in Georgia and Pennsylvania have said they will not count many of the mail in votes tonight, leaving it to tomorrow. Trump needs to win them both, and if he does he will probably win the race. Pennsylvania  will become a legal brawl over which votes to count, and with votes accepted by mail for three more days and voting inspectors locked out of some polling places it may be a case of just-in-time manufacturing of votes.

The ugly scenario — contested results, the winner not being seen as legitimate, fraud mattering — is looming large.

UPDATE 4:20 PM AEST: Looks like it all comes down to Pennsylvania, and then to Philadelphia, which is fraud central for the Democrats. No significant changes in the House or the Senate, just minor Democrat gains.

Trump has his nose in front in a very close race, but the result will not be known for several days. Pennsylvania will accept votes by mail for the next three days, and big urban votes remain to be counted in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Counting is winding down for the night.