A broken America is bitterly divided and Australia will feel the consequences

A broken America is bitterly divided and Australia will feel the consequences, by Paul Kelly.

Donald Trump is close to the miracle win. But this is a broken America mired in trauma. Joe Biden could still win but failed to secure his predicted swing. In an ominous and fractured election-night result, both Trump and Biden have hailed victory.

The polls, pundits and elite institutions got it wrong. Trump has triggered another grassroots revolt by the voiceless Americans against establishment power.

This result will shake America, transfix the world and must have consequences for Australia.

While he has claimed victory, Trump has not yet won — a critical qualification. But he has inserted the wedge of discord, saying he will go to the Supreme Court to halt voting fraud and tweeting that the Democrats were trying to “steal” away his “big win”. …

Despite four years of upheaval, anger and division, this vote is nearly the same as 2016. Trump’s opponents have been routed and may even have been defeated. Yet the risk of a contested result threatens civil acrimony and disorder. A bitter election campaign has ended in a bitterly tight result. There is no unity, no healing, just another dispute — over who won. …

A Biden defeat will trigger rage and disappointment within the Democratic Party and progressive movement. But a razor-thin Biden victory will come with grave doubts about his capacity to deliver his promises — to reunite America and fight COVID-19.

Any Trump win will constitute the greatest election resurgence in American history, but even a narrow defeat will perpetuate the Trumpian revolution and values he has injected into US politics. The Trump legions know they are on the edge of vindication.

America now exists as a fractured polity operating as two competing constellations. Early signs are Trump’s resurgence was driven by his priority on economic policy, his cultural revolt against the progressive establishment and, paradoxically, his ¬active resistance to the virus. …

The inevitable bounty of identity politics: tribalism and discord.

The result remains unknown but the conclusion is not: America is a fractured nation.

It is one country and two cultures, split everyway — urban and rural, coastal and inland, white and non-white, men and women, college-educated and working class. Trump has split the country into two groups of believers at political war with each other. …

Progressive ideology had taken a massive hit: its message was the need to repudiate Trump on standards, race, climate change, health, xenophobia, lying, tax dodging and jeopardising democracy.

Voiceless Americans were not listening. They belonged to a different constellation where Trump was seen as a messiah who speaks for them.

This election was about woke culture versus western civilization. Woke was expected to win handsomely (though possibly because they wanted to create the impression they were going to win, and cheated at the polls). Woke has failed to meet expectations, so in that sense it’s a victory of sorts for western civ.

But the presidential count favors the woke as of this moment (though possibly because there is a coup going on, where the woke swamp manipulates the counts and news flows to give us the impression they won fairly, but are really cheating). We face the worst of all worlds: an insecure woke administration that will soon lose Joe Biden on corruption, then the perpetually unpopular Harris as President enacting extreme left policies, eagerly supported by the media, bureaucracy, and academia. Truth may never recover.

Woke will try to kill western civilization. This is not going to be pretty, or successful. China must be chuckling.