Trump is terribly flawed, but the alternative is simply terrible

Trump is terribly flawed, but the alternative is simply terrible, by Gerard Baker.

As Americans choose their leaders for the next four years, radical Democrats and their vocal enablers in the media, academia and leading cultural institutions have never been more certain about anything in their lifetimes of steadily diminishing intellectual curiosity. …

You don’t have to believe a single word of the media’s hysterical hyperbole about Donald Trump these last four years to think that this president is seriously lacking in the character of the men and women who have made this country the greatest nation on earth.

You don’t have to think he’s Hitler’s heir to be alarmed by his evidently cavalier disregard for small matters like the independence of the judiciary, the proper use of executive power, or the truth.

You don’t have to think he takes personal joy in incarcerating children in cages to worry that his underdeveloped capacity for human empathy has made him especially unfit for the crises of the past year.

You don’t have to believe he’s Bull Connor to worry that his rhetoric and manner have done harm to the nation’s fragile social contract. …

Simpler: Woke or traditional?

On the other hand:

It would be nice to think that the world presented us with such simple choices: that the alternatives on offer on the ballot paper — or in life — are clearly labelled “good” and “evil.” But those of us who graduated from kindergarten know that picking one from the other involves discernment and judgment, not revelation. …

The alternative today is a candidate who sits vacantly smiling and slightly bewildered atop a party that, in its radical platform, its emerging leaders and its ideological associations, represents a sustained challenge to the shared ideals that have defined the United States through its history.

The Democrats have spent four years falsely accusing their opponents of mounting a coup, but now threaten an assault on many of the pillars of the constitutional order. They’ve spent the last six months conniving at brazen lawlessness and allying themselves with proponents of an ideology that rejects the nation’s values, while compelling allegiance and silencing those who dissent. Their elevation of ideologies of race, gender and other “identity” issues consciously pits Americans against one another in potentially ruinous ways.

Choose one: move more woke, or stay more traditional?

So admit it. It’s not a rich choice. On the one hand, a flawed man who may yet do more damage to the nation’s frayed fabric. On the other, a party that seems committed to tearing it up.

hat-tip Stephen Neil