Sorry, America. Reconciliation Is a Long Way Off After the Election

Sorry, America. Reconciliation Is a Long Way Off After the Election, by Roger Simon.

One video entry on Twitter showed a Trump car parade on an Arizona highway that ran, according to the poster, 96 miles. Is that possible? …


Other photos showed Trump rallies in Pennsylvania and Michigan (in freezing weather) with crowds rivaling the Super Bowl.

One report had Trump’s rally stats outnumbering Biden’s by 500–1, and I suspect that overcounts Biden’s, who is relying on the pandemic to pull him through. …

A monumental Trump victory, dreamed of by the right, staunching the deep wounds created by the dishonesty of the mainstream media during the Mueller investigation, is unlikely to happen, given the polls.

They can’t be THAT wrong, although, of course, they can and have been erroneous enough to be largely dismissible as propaganda.

A sweeping Biden victory will be looked on as fraud, given the (at best) vagaries of mail-in voting and the immense and fervent Trump crowds.

What we are likely to have is a close, or relatively close, election that’s determined, we can only hope, in a few days. Maybe, just maybe, we will avoid a massive outbreak of violence. Some is, unfortunately, inevitable. …

The media is the problem:

So how then to return to the halcyon days of that democratic republic of people caring about each other described eloquently so long ago by Alexis de Tocqueville?

Are there enough people who even care?

For those who do, three words of advice: Reform our schools. That’s the most important thing and where you start. And, interestingly, in his recent speeches, Trump seems to know that.