Human Biodiversity and “Systemic Racism”

Human Biodiversity and “Systemic Racism”, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

The left believes that there is some mysterious force that’s preventing blacks from being successful. (Successful as defined by elite whites. If you were to define success as being good at sports, then blacks are the more successful race.)

The thing is that the left is actually correct, there is a mysterious force preventing blacks from being successful. That force is HBD [human biodiversity]. However, HBD is taboo and to even talk about it is to be the worst kind of racist.

There are some people in the HBD community who think that HBD is so obvious that everyone must secretly believe in it. But they are wrong. Just as Christians genuinely believe in Jesus, liberals genuinely believe that there’s no difference in intelligence between blacks and whites, and their anger at anyone who says otherwise is very real and not just an act.

Because HBD is off the table as the force that’s preventing blacks from being successful, the left has focused on “systemic racism” as the cause. In this the left is actually more correct than conservatives who deny that systemic racism is a thing but agree with the liberals that HBD is racist and untrue.

Obvious and well credentialed truths are in retreat, despite the Internet (how many genders are there again?):

Fifteen years ago I was optimistic that, thanks to the internet, the truth of HBD would get out there and finally become widely believed, but in fact the opposite has happened. If anything, the early naughts were the golden age of freedom to talk about HBD. The amount of online censorship of anything deemed to be “racist” is increasing, and HBD has been co-opted by a bunch of dumb proles who may be called “alt right” or “white supremacists” or whatever. The irony is that the white supremacists themselves believe in systemic racism and deny the truth of HBD; they promote a narrative that Jews are racists and the white gentiles are the victims of Jewish racism. Just like the liberals, they deny that Jews are more successful because they have high-IQ genes. When even the people who are supposed to believe in HBD don’t believe in it when it hurts their feelings, I guess it’s not likely that liberals are ever going to believe in it. At least not without some major society-shaking capitulation.

The leftist tide narrows the Overton window, despite Trump:

Trump supporters insist that Trump has expanded the so-called “Overton window,” but I see no evidence of that in the arena of HBD. During the last four years, the Overton window has narrowed and the types of statements that can get you censored online or fired from your job have increased in scope. Trump supporters say we are supposed to applaud Trump’s small victories in the arena of immigration, but those will be ephemeral and end as soon as Joe Biden takes over. In the more important battle, the battle for HBD, we have lost ground under four years of Trump.

We lost the public argument by not participating. Now they are going to discriminate against us:

The left is becoming more and more adamant that we must finally do something about the “systemic racism” that’s all around us, and without HBD there’s no way to disprove “systemic racism.”

Therefore our problems are only going to get worse, and whatever the left does to try to end “systemic racism” is only going to make matters worse because you can’t end something that doesn’t exist and it will probably result in even more bad feelings between blacks and whites and liberals and conservatives, as well as rising crime because police are blamed for “systemic racism,” and with rising crime will come collapse of urban areas with a lot of blacks. Attempts to end “systemic racism” will make the live of blacks worse rather than better.

Lion commenter Simon:

There are only two ways to explain away the obvious inequalities: Either they’re the result of small but significant genetic differences, innate and intractable, or they’re merely the result of bias and of black economic disadvantage — in which case it’s our duty to throw more money at the problem, step up racial preferences, bow to black resentment, and foster a sense of white guilt.

Sigh. Denying HBD is a great excuse for socialism and more government control.