Alert: Democrats promoting equality of outcome

Alert: Democrats promoting equality of outcome. By Rod Dreher.

You need to watch this short animation from the Biden-Harris campaign, featuring the voice of Kamala Harris:

The clip is shocking. What she is talking about is — there’s no other way to put this — Communism. No, she’s not talking about Marx, Lenin, and the rest. She’s talking about the need to create a system in which everybody ends up at the same place.

In other words, Kamala Harris believes that a socially just system is one in which all outcomes are equal. This is what the so-called “equity” crusaders within academic institutions are after.

She doesn’t believe in equality of opportunity. She believes in equality of outcome. “Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.” Her words — and not a gaffe, but something that the Biden-Harris campaign took the time to make into a special video, and tweet.

Equality of outcome is unfair, because of circumstances, choices, luck, and differences in talent and effort. It therefore requires state force to implement. Even aside from demotivating most everyone, equality of outcome is a disaster because it inevitably leads to extreme authoritarianism, à la Soviet Union.

All Americans believe in equality of opportunity, but the kind of system that we would have to build to guarantee equality of outcome would be tyrannical and unjust. Again, this is the Marxist dream. And now we have the Democratic presidential ticket endorsing the creation of just such a system. People whose natural gifts and willingness to work harder cannot expect to get ahead in Biden-Harris’s America. They must have things taken from them, and opportunities denied, so that everybody can arrive at the same place.

Who benefits? I think we know.

Equality of outcome and equality of opportunity are incompatible, just as woke and western civilization are incompatible.

hat-tip Stephen Neil