Tone Shift in US Election Coverage

Tone Shift in US Election Coverage.

US pollsters generally bias their polls towards the Democrats before the election, because they mostly lean left and because pro-Democrat polls demoralize many potential Republican voters into staying at home and not turning out to vote. It’s intimidation aimed at increasing the chances of a Democrat win. The pollsters do this by (a) framing the questions to elect more pro-Democrat responses (aka push polling), and (b) using a biased sample (over-representing likely Democrats in the sample).

So, for months ahead of the election, the polls are strongly biased in favor of Democrats.

But, in order to be thought of as realistic, in the last few days before the election the pollsters must produce more accurate results — so they don’t look hopelessly inaccurate compared to the election results.

This happens at election after US election. It’s happening again this year. Polls and pundits are “suddenly discovering a Republican wave,” a “last minute surge to the Republicans.” Sure. The “newly discovered” Republican support was there all along, just that the pollsters didn’t want you to know. All this is reasonably well known to political aficionados, btw, but that doesn’t prevent it happening again at each election.

We are just now switching over from propaganda time to truth time.

UPDATE: Even Fox will tell you a pro-Democrat version of events.