CNN Refuses to Run Ad Criticizing Biden

CNN Refuses to Run Ad Criticizing Biden, by Jonathan Easley.

CNN has informed the largest outside group supporting President Trump’s reelection that it will not run one of its new ads, saying the ad is false because it warns Democratic nominee Joe Biden will raise taxes on the middle class and implies that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) supports socialist policies. …

[Says CNN] “The ad does not meet its commercial clearance standards,” the email states. “Specifically, the ad asserts that Biden will raise taxes on the middle class. That claim is not adequately substantiated and has been judged false by independent fact-checkers. The advertisement also mischaracterizes Nancy Pelosi as a socialist.”

Jim Treacher.

So… their fact-checkers said a prediction is false? How does that work? How do you fact-check something that hasn’t happened yet? You can say a prediction is more likely or less likely to come true, but you can’t fact-check it because it’s not a fact that can be checked. …

I dunno, man, it looks like an ordinary, average political ad to me. An angry narrator snarls about how the other guy sucks. Some ominous music plays in the background. Throw in some pictures of the other guy looking crazy and dumb. We’ve all seen it a million times. But suddenly it’s unacceptable, because CNN hates Trump. And because they realize Biden’s brain is melting into a puddle of tapioca and he really needs their help to win.

Jonathan Easley:

In a letter to lawyers at Warner Media, an attorney representing AFA accused [CNN] of censoring normal political speech that is “at the very least a matter worthy of debate.”

“While AFA’s opponents are, of course, permitted to purchase air time to try to rebut AFA’s claims, it is not the job of your network to censor a statement that is factually supported and relates to an important issue in the upcoming election,” wrote Stephen Kenny of Jones Day. “Indeed, every other cable network is currently airing AFA’s ad. If you continue to decline to air the ad, please let us know why the factual support outlined above is insufficient.” …

Trump and Republicans say that if Democrats take control of Congress and the White House they’ll raise taxes on everyone. They also say that even if Biden only raises taxes on corporations and the wealthiest, that middle-class workers will get saddled with indirect new costs associated with those taxes.

The Kenny letter points to analyses done by the Tax Foundation, Tax Policy Center, American Enterprise Institute, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the University of Pennsylvania and others that have concluded that some middle-class households will see lower investment returns and wages because of the tax hikes on corporations. …

And Kenny argued that using the term “socialist” to describe Pelosi is “often used in political discourse to signify generally a set of left-leaning political positions.”

It’s just censorship, pure and simple.