Bidengate: The Power of the Media To Lie By Omission

Bidengate: The Power of the Media To Lie By Omission, by an anonymous reader. Bigger than Watergate, copious evidence, yet the Hunter Biden scandal is hardly mentioned in the left’s large echo chamber. Ask your leftist friends what they know about it, and you’ll get a short reply.

Try this query of CNN: . Result: “Your search for Bobulinski did not match any documents.”

Or try Australia’s ABC:  Result: One entry, which, copying NPR in the US, tries to explain the story away without mentioning the proof of payments. It is a story about the last presidential debate, which Bobulinski attended in person and went on camera making statements and answering questions.

Now try this Google query Result:  “About 990,000 results”

Or better, DuckDuckGo: Just read that first page of results!




A verified story with written evidence, including a compromising computer, is not even mentioned on NPR, CNN and the Huffington Post. had one partial entry. The BBC has only one, but it’s a good attempt to cover the story as usual (from before more damaging evidence came to light). The Australian newspaper carried a more full story. Barely a mention (disparaging) by the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age. The South China Post rates its a political scam, while the Times of India doesn’t mention it. South Africa’s Cape Times says “Nothing to see here” after searching for “Bobulinski”, while the Moscow Times says much the same thing. It’s significant news for the Washington Post, DailyMail, and New York Post.



Get news from right wing and neutral sources, and you get one view, generally a more realistic one.

Get news from most of the mainstream media/left and it’s a different story, increasingly and sadly befitting of modern “cancel culture”.  This view reliably promotes the fantasies that the modern left depends on.

The same can happen in reverse, but much less often, as various attempts to analyze this have shown.

Under extreme conditions, all sides resort to varying degrees of propaganda. A significant proportion of Germans used to listen to the BBC during WWII, because they found it more accurate and helpful than the German media at the time.

No wonder no political discussion is possible anymore — we cannot even agree on the facts.