Stumper: Should Trump Mention His Most Popular Issue?

Stumper: Should Trump Mention His Most Popular Issue? By Ann Coulter.

In 2015, Donald J. Trump decided he was going to run for president on popular ideas. This was a stunning, historic breakthrough in American politics. He made his announcement in a speech talking about Mexican rapists, pledging to deport illegal aliens and build a wall. And the rest is history. …

Recall that Trump’s famous escalator speech provided any number of possible campaign themes:

  • Bomb ISIS!
  • Take their oil!
  • Protect our veterans!
  • Bring our jobs home!
  • Repeal Common Core!
  • Repeal Obamacare!
  • Protect the Second Amendment!
  • Make China pay!
  • Concealed carry!

But that’s not what the crowds chanted. They certainly weren’t chanting “Reform Social Security!” or “Protect Ukraine’s national sovereignty!” No, the slogan that inspired a million T-shirts, chalk etchings, replicas and hashtags was: Build the wall!

Month after month, at every rally, whenever Trump mentioned the wall, the crowds went wild. It was Trump’s one surefire standing ovation, his “Free Bird” at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. Even before Trump would take the stage, his supporters would start the chant: “BUILD THE WALL!”

Losing sight of what was so popular in 2016:

The media claimed Trump’s popularity was just a cult of personality, but the one thing most voters weren’t wild about was his personality.

Unfortunately, Trump may be the only person who actually believes the fake news on this. He seems to think that what drove him to a stunning upset victory in 2016 was that the public just adores the big lunk!

Rough estimate of topics in the typical Trump campaign speech, 2020:

  • 40 minutes: Re-living 2016 election night
  • 20 minutes: His experience with COVID — he’s better than ever!
  • 15 minutes: Insults Biden, Kamala, the media
  • 20 minutes: Brags about his crowd size and how his fans LOVE him (they never loved Reagan like this!)
  • 0 minutes: Biden’s massively unpopular promise to amnesty illegal aliens and halt deportations on his “first day in office.”

Mass immigration is a huge boon for Democrats. It gives them lots of new voters. That’s immigrants’ primary skill: voting. We’ve become the country feared by John C. Calhoun, divided into people who work for a living and people who vote for a living. …

The media had a grand time calling Trump’s immigration policies “racist,” but unfortunately for them, Trump’s policies were popular with all kinds of voters. It wasn’t just “angry white men” who were losing their jobs and neighborhoods (and sometimes their lives) to immigrants. So were black people. So were Hispanics. So were teenagers. So were — well, to be fair, Asians were more likely to be the ones taking those jobs.

As [New York magazine’s Andrew Sullivan (now on his own)] wrote: “[For Democrats, there are] no negatives to mass immigration at all, and no concern for existing American citizens’ interests in not having their wages suppressed through this competition.”

That’s probably why we don’t hear so much about Trump’s immigration policies being racist anymore. Now, it’s just the never-ending demand that Trump condemn “white supremacy.” …

Just measure the popularity:

It’s one thing to push an unpopular idea. The GOP does that all the time: the Trans-Pacific Partnership — how about the Iraq War?

  • How many people supported moving our embassy to Jerusalem? (Answer: 36%.)
  • How many supported Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security? (Answer: 25%.)
  • How many supported Trump’s tax cuts? (Answer: 24%.)
  • How many thought immigration levels should be decreased or stay the same? (Answer: 75%.)
  • How many supported mass deportation of all illegal immigrants? (Answer: 54%.)

She has a good point. It was easily his most popular point in 2016, and nothing has changed.

If ever a political leader was elected with a mandate, it was Trump with “Build a Wall”. He tried, but the swamp would not let him. Which tells you who really runs the place. Doesn’t mean he cannot run on it again though.