Poll: 79% of French Believe Islamism Has “Declared War” on Their Country

Poll: 79% of French Believe Islamism Has “Declared War” on Their Country. By Paul Joseph Watson.

“87% of French people say they agree with the fact that secularism is now in danger in France, and 79% that Islamism has declared war on the nation and the Republic,” reports Ifop.

The poll also found that the political leader the French people have the most trust in when it comes to combating Islamism is Marine Le Pen.

A previous poll also found that the French are becoming increasingly hostile to allowing more immigrants to enter their country, with 64% believing migrants have a negative impact, while 60% believe welcoming them is no longer feasible due to cultural differences. …

Disorder in France’s migrant dominated suburbs has become so chronic that some are calling for the military to be sent in. France’s feared banlieues are suburbs on the edge of major cities controlled by large groups of Muslim gangs who attack police officers, fire crews and ambulance workers who venture into the area.

Earlier this year, French intellectual Eric Zemmour said the problem was so bad that the only option was to “reconquer by force.”