A Biden Family Special Prosecutor in 2021?

A Biden Family Special Prosecutor in 2021? By Pat Buchanan.

If Joe Biden loses on Nov. 3, public interest in whether his son Hunter exploited the family name to rake in millions of dollars from foreign donors will likely fade away. It will not matter, and no one will care.

But if Joe Biden wins the presidency, a prediction: By the Ides of March 2021, there will be an independent counsel or special prosecutor named to investigate the Biden family fortunes and how they were amassed. …

Hunter was in business with a Chinese company in 2017 and may have taken in $5 million, while stiffing his partner Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski, a former naval officer, claims that Hunter sought to leverage the Biden family name, and that he, Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother Jim were involved in a project to raise cash from the Chinese. Moreover, the former vice president was a silent partner, the “big guy” in the operation whose name was never to be mentioned. …

The Biden campaign calls this Russian misinformation.

Bottom line, says Joe Biden: “I have never received a dollar in foreign money. I never used my office or influence to advance my son’s business with foreign entities. I never spoke to my son about any of his dealings in Ukraine, Russia, China or anywhere else.”

Major media are either denouncing the allegations as unproven or ignoring the story, the motive for which is apparent. Journalistic duty be damned. We have to get rid of Trump. And anything that jeopardizes that highest of goals should be buried until after Election Day.

However, if Joe Biden is elected, the incentive to cover for him and for Hunter vanishes. The old journalistic enthusiasm for the hunt to bring down another president will reappear, and more information will come spilling out. …

America has become a country where if you lose the presidential election, the fallback position is to impeach the victor.

The Third Worldization of American politics is well-advanced.

Given the lap top full of evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption, some of it already verified by other sources, and the Biden family fortune with no visible and legal means of being acquired, impeaching President Joe Biden for corruption ought to be easy.

After the election, the swamp has no interest in Biden. He was just the harmless-looking front guy needed to win the election for the extremists who run the Democratic Party nowadays. Come 2021, Joe Biden is disposable. Then Harris-Hillary? Then Hillary? The possibilities just write themselves, as the leftist crime families slog it out for top place.