Censoring the Hunter Biden emails story only helps Donald Trump

Censoring the Hunter Biden emails story only helps Donald Trump. By Chris Mitchell.

Censoring of The New York Post’s Hunter Biden scoop by Facebook and Google, and the decision by many mainstream media organisations to ignore the story, will help Donald Trump at the November 3 election. …

In journalistic terms the suppression of the Post story again undermines trust in media. Why do journalists of the left who were happy to publish unsourced and unverified allegations that Trump was in league with the Russians now want infinite checking of allegations damaging to Biden? …

Big tech leans left and many of its senior executives have worked for the Democrats. Yet that is precisely why the censoring of the Post’s stories could help Trump.

NPR is public funded radio in the US, a bit like the ABC in Australia:

Attempts to suppress the Biden stories will prove to many that everything Trump has been saying about the “Fake News Media” is true.  …

The left media have succumbed to the idea they should abandon notions of impartiality and balance, and should now be prepared to publish whatever it takes to damage Trump. This change in the norms of journalism has been driven by university media academics.

Stanford University professor of journalism Ted Glasser says journalists have to abandon objectivity and be advocates for social justice.

“Social justice” is not justice, or you would just say “justice”.