The judicial swamp needs some draining 

The judicial swamp needs some draining 

Tom Fitton from JudicialWatch speaks about Joe Biden from 3:50 on the growing list of scandals.

“Who knew that Ukraine was just the side hustle for the Bidens…?”

“If I were the President I would take [the case] away from the FBI, and the Dept. of Justice.”

“They will not be able to derail an investigation no matter whether he gets elected.”

“Has Joe Biden disqualified himself from the Office…?”

Companies linked to Hunter Biden received millions of dollars in federal loans…

“There’s more than enough evidence to have warranted an indictment of Joe Biden and Hunter biden, and I can’t tell you how livid I am that the FBI didn’t act on this immediately,

“The entire country should be outraged.

“Biden effectively pimped his own son.

Sidney Powell — Michael Flynn’s defense attorney


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