Finally fighting back against Critical Race Theory

Finally fighting back against Critical Race Theory

Steven Hayward, Powerline

My new hero: Kemi Badenoch 

…this attack on “critical race theory” is so good that I want to amend the Constitution so she can come to the United States and run for President.

Kemi Badenoch:

We do not want to see teachers teaching children about their white privilege’s and inherited racial guilt. 

Schools which teach pupils that “white privilege” is an uncontested fact are breaking the law…

Kemi Badenoch is the UK Member of Parliament for Saffron Walden.

Jessica Murray, The Guardian, on Badenoch’s response to the call for “decolonising” history 

“We want all our kids, all our children, black and white, every single corner of this country, to better understand our history so our children have a true sense of belonging within British culture,” she said.

Badenoch rejected the claims, insisting that history in schools “is not colonised”.

“We should not apologise for the fact that British children primarily study the history of these islands, and it goes without saying that the recent fad to decolonise maths, decolonise engineering, decolonise the sciences that we’ve seen across our universities to make race the defining principle of what is studied is not just misguided but actively opposed to the fundamental purpose of education,” she said.