France Expels Hundreds of Muslim Activists and Radicals

France Expels Hundreds of Muslim Activists and Radicals, by Euronews.

France’s interior minister [Gérald Darmanin] wants to dissolve two Islamic NGOs which he described as “enemies” of the state.

It follows Friday’s beheading of teacher Samuel Paty after he had shown caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in class.

Both NGOs have strenuously denied any wrongdoing. …

At last, too much! The leftie fantasy that Islam-is-the-religion-of-peace, that Muslim immigration is all good, is finally beginning to crack under the weight of reality.

“We must stop being naive and face the truth: there is no accommodation possible with radical Islamism,” he added.

The minister told the Europe 1 radio station the two NGOs were “obviously involved” in the events that led to the killing of Paty, a history-geography teacher, near the school he worked at in Conflans Saint-Honorine, northwest of Paris.

Both have been accused since Friday of taking part in a social media campaign against the teacher launched by the father of one of his pupils.

In a statement released on Saturday, CCIF admitted it had been contacted by the pupil’s father but denied having harassed Paty.

Robert Spencer:

Now this is getting interesting.

So far the aftermath of the jihad beheading of Samuel Paty has followed the pattern of other jihad attacks in the West: tears, candlelight vigils, pro-forma condemnations from elected officials accompanied with vows that we will not be “divided,” the whole stupid charade.

But if Damanin actually challenges and closes down one of France’s chief organizations pushing the “Islamophobia” smear in order to stymie and silence opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women, that will be a huge step forward.

Expect Damanin to drop this quietly in the coming days. But surprises have happened.

Adam Nossiter:

France on Monday unleashed a broad crackdown on Muslims accused of extremism, carrying out dozens of raids, vowing to shut down aid groups and threatening to expel foreigners as anger swept the country following the decapitation of a high school teacher for showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in class.

Many of those swept up in raids were already in police files for showing “signals” of potential radicalization, like preaching radicalized sermons or sharing hate messages on social networks, government officials said. More than 200 others — the bulk already in prison — were threatened with a rare mass expulsion.

But other groups targeted in the raids included Muslim associations previously given government subsidies for their work promoting better civic relations, and only 15 of the people arrested had any connection to the gruesome attack on Friday. …

The interior minister announced that it would expel 231 foreign citizens identified for their radicalism, including 180 who were already in prison.

Probably too late, but got to start somewhere. On current trends, France will be majority Islamic by about 2045.

Stephen N:

France will end up under military rule to save itself from Islam. At least they’re fighting, unlike UK or Germany.

hat-tip Stephen Neil